About the Best Hospital for Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart Failure is one of the most prevalent conditions globally, and there are about 2 million new cases in India alone every year. Shockingly, 30-40% of them succumb within a year of diagnosis due to unavailability of appropriate care at the right time and within their reach.

In an effort to keep heart failure complications under check, Fortis Malar has been tirelessly striving to bring better heart care to the country. Along with performing path-breaking surgeries, our team of experts at Fortis Malar has also been constantly introducing world-class heart management methods to India. Today, we offer comprehensive solutions to advanced heart failure conditions all under one roof.

In addition to cutting-edge Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) therapy, the Fortis Centre for Heart Failure & Transplant has changed the way today’s patients live with heart failure conditions. The centre offers outpatient ambulatory therapy for administration of Inotropic medications which help in rapidly improving symptoms and restoring normal conditions of vital organs.

Our highly-skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team of heart failure management specialists includes cardiologists, heart surgeons, cardiac critical care specialists, transplant coordinators, social worker, mental health specialists, pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, physical therapist and staff nurses. Each member of our team offers a specialized service in the care of our patients. With our highly-qualified heart failure management team, you can be rest assure to receive the most advanced and sophisticated care this country has to offer.