Common Causes of Heart Failure

The 21st century has been synonymously associated with progress, change, and technology. While these components are on the rise many other problems both medical and non-medical are also on the rise. One of the world’s leading epidemic is heart failure. Previously, heart failure was synonymous to old age, but due to the change of lifestyle, it has been started affecting many young people as well.

In the year 2012, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) attributed to nearly 17.5 million deaths. This statistics has been increasing ever since. Heart Failure has not become a part and parcel of our lives. The number of people relying on heart transplants and electronic management of their hearts has rapidly increased over the past few years. Hence it is important to learn the various causes of heart failure because being the behavioral / lifestyle based epidemic under control.

About Heart Failure:

Heart failure is the chronic condition when the heart is unable to pump the required level of blood. This often entails of shortness of breath, fatigue, swollen legs and rapid heartbeat. At first, the organ tries to enlarging, developing more muscle mass and pumping faster. The body also tries its bit by pumping blood for important activities and narrowing the blood vessels to Britain pressure. The body tries to cover up but it does not help the problem the heart if facing. Eventually, the heart and body just can’t keep up.

Common Causes for Heart Failure:

There various reasons that can induce heart failure. The heart necessarily does not have to be weakened in order to begin facing failure but rather stiffness can also cause the heart failure. Following are some of the popular causes of heart failure:

1)Coronary artery disease:

When the arteries (blood vessels responsible for pumping blood from the heart to the organs) get blocked or become severely narrowed – this, in turn, leads to the development of Coronary Artery disease. The heart intern starts facing deficient in oxygen and nutrients.

2) Heart attack (myocardial infarction):

This essentially takes place when the artery supplying your heart muscles becomes completely blocked, this begins damaging the heart tissue due to lack of oxygen and nutrients (part of it essentially “dies). The damaged heart tissue is not able to function well affecting the heart’s ability to pump blood thereby weakening the heart.

3) High blood pressure/hypertension:

This another major cause for heart failure. Essentially, when the pressure in the blood vessels is high, the heart has to pump harder than normal to keep the blood circulating. Therefore uncontrolled high blood pressure can take a serious toll on the heart.

4) Obesity:

Being obese is extremely strenuous on the heart. This is because the heart has to pump more blood in the body thereby making the heart working harder than it normally should.

5) Heart muscle disease (dilated cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) or inflammation (myocarditis):

Any form of muscle damage – could be from alcohol and drug abuse to viral infection, it can increase the chances of heart failure.

These are various causes that can instigate heart failure.

There are various heart failure treatment options that aim at reducing the various causes and symptoms of heart failure. This would help the heart intern perform its duty withstanding damage caused by the same.

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