Pioneers in Congenital Heart Disease – Fortis Heart Failure Centre

At Fortis Heart Failure Centre, we are improving the chances of survival for kids and adults with congenital disease history. Our team of cardiologists and experts in congenital heart disease surgery perform complex heart surgeries to help kids with congenital disease live a full life. We have state of the art facilities to help every patient get the best treatment for birth related heart defects.

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital heart diseases happen by birth. Something may go wrong in the early development while other reason can be due to genetics also.
Due to modern medicine many infants survive congenital heart disease. Survival rates have gone up by 85% compared to 15% in the last century.
In some cases, kids with congenital heart diseases require monitoring. As they grow into adults they would need to undergo further surgical interventions for proper functioning of the heart. Some common conditions that require surgery are Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Arterial and Ventricular Septal defects.  Repeated surgical procedures (like the replacement of shunts, baffle and graft) may be needed throughout life
Fortis Heart Failure Centre has the best treatment options for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Our team of expert cardiologists also perform Adult Congenital Heart Disease surgery to offer the best care for adolescent and adult patients with congenital heart disease.
Our cardiologist strive to make our patient’s transition from paediatric heart care to adult heart care as smooth as possible. We ensure to help patients with congenital disease receive essential medical monitoring for their heart.


Treatment options at Fortis Heart Failure Centre

–    Minimally invasive treatment options like Transcatheter, pulmonary valve replacement, coarctation       stenting and transcatheter atrial septal defect occlusion
–    Complex electrophysiology procedures
–    Surgical repair/revision of structural defects in the heart
–    Medications used to control symptoms and improve the heart’s function

Treatment options for Women patients

Women with congenital diseases need to address unique scenarios like pregnancy. Also at a risk of giving birth to child with heart disease, women patients require special care, guidance, and preparation for possible emergency or routine changes the body undergoes during pregnancy.
At Fortis Heart Failure Centre, we have a dedicated team of experts with experience in pregnant patients having congenital heart diseases. The team includes congenital cardiologist, specializing in pregnancy, paediatricians and foetal cardiologists to provide a comprehensive care to both the mother and the unborn during surgery.

Fortis Heart Failure Centre is a top ranked Cardiology Hospital in India

Our surgical have a proven track record of conducting and undertaking procedures that are challenging. And while we ensure that all our patients are looked after to the best of our ability, we rely on the best technical equipment, the latest procedures and the best minds in cardiac care to take care of your every need.

What we can offer you

•    Comprehensive cardiac treatment options and expertise in advanced treatments
•    Modern medical equipment and diagnostic facility providing early access to new treatment options
•    International patient dedicated support prior and post treatment.
•    Comprehensive support and care for you and your family,