Depression after Heart Transplant surgery

Many people are often diagnosed with disease and illness that affects them mentally as well. They need to cope and adjust to their new lifestyle while trying deal with their condition. It’s not uncommon for patients to be diagnosed with mental disorders like depression. One major link lies between heart disease and depression.

This is known as cardiac depression. Though the term is relatively new many patients who’ve undergone cardiac surgery then begin experiencing depression which is a serious cause for concern. Research suggest that around 60% of cardiac patients are at risk of suffering clinical depression.

What’s the Link Between the Heart and Depression?

It is normal for patients to experience depressive mood swings for a short period of time after the surgery, but when it begins to persist and affect their daily function that’s when it becomes a problem. A wide range of people suffers from either heart disease or depression. But the link between the two has been established as a two-way relationship. In fact, many people with suffering from heart disease have been diagnosed with depression and vice verse. It does not stop there. Research suggests that people with no history of depression are prone to becoming depressed after undergoing a heart attack or developing a heart disease. Similarly, people diagnosed with depression have an increased chance of developing a heart condition.

It has been established that depression, anxiety along with poor dietary habits act as major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Being depressed has major effects on the heart like intensifying pain and fatigue eventually forcing the patient into social isolation. It could lead to the development of unmanaged stress. This impacts body to function as unmanaged stress can lead to high blood pressure, arterial damage, irregular heart rhythms and weakened the immune system.

In fact, people who are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and depression often have higher chances of being re-admitted to hospitals. Research suggest that the symptoms of depression ( fatigue, poor appetite etc.) can make it difficult for a person to take care of themselves or their health.

Cardiac Psychology

This is an up and coming field which prioritizes the mental health of patients with cardiac patients. An important note to keep in mind is that a cardiac patient’s emotional health plays a pivotal role in their physical health. There still remains major stigma associated with mental disorder and illnesses. It becomes imperative to look into the mental health of patients as it does largely influence their physical recovery and health.

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Depression can truly damage your heart. It’s always advisable for to also look into the mental health of cardiac patients instead of just physical health and recovery. A healthy mind would intern lead to a healthy body.

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