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Facts About Artificial Heart Transplant

For patients with a failing heart, waiting for a new heart is like hanging by a thread so they can undergo Heart failure treatment options in chennai and reclaim their life. And the wait is often long as the demand for a new heart far exceeds its availability.

In such a situation, an artificial heart transplant maybe a ray of hope for many and a long termed solution to meeting the increasing numbsers of heart failure patients.

Till date in the history of artificial heart transplant, thirteen different heart designs have been tried on patients with little success. But the design has evolved over the time and has shown significant improvement in functioning like an actual heart.

The most effective and the only FDA approved artificial heart is SynCardia Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t). The Top Heart Surgeon in india put their trust in SynCardia TAH-t as it has shown better results than any other design in patients with heart failure.

Facts about heart transplant

SynCardia TAH-t replaces both heart ventricles as well as the four valves, facilitating in treatment options for end stage biventricular heart failure.

The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart has been recorded to extend a patient’s life by 4 years who consequently found a donor heart later on.

The superior design can pump 9.5 liters of blood every minute though each ventricle. This high volume of blood flow helps patients recover faster owing to a faster recovery of vital organs like kidney and liver etc.

Hence the uncertainty around getting a suitable donor in time is reduced as the patient after undergoing an artificial heart transplant can wait longer for a suitable donor heart.

  • The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart has not recorded a single instance of failure in its 32 years of invention and use. The diaphragm for pumping blood in and out has an astonishing 99.99% success rate, making SynCardia TAH-t a reliable choice amongst Cardiac Surgeons.
  • A total of over 1600 implants have added around 550 years of extended life to patients of different age and gender.
  • The records show that there has been a rise in the artificial heart implants with over 500 SynCardia implants performed since 2012.
  • Accounting to 96% of all artificial heart transplants, the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is compact and weighs only 160 grams. It is less than half the weight of a human heart and is almost of the same size.
  • An earlier version of SynCardia named Cardiowest showed the highest bridge to transplant rate of 79%, meaning the time before an actual human heart transplant was performed on the same patient, which consequently led to FDA approval of SynCardia Total Artificial Heart.
  • A study confirmed that just after 1 week of the implant, 75% of patients could move out of the bed. After two weeks of implant, 60% of the patients with Total Artificial Heart were able to walk more than 100 feet and showed improved function of vital organs like liver and kidney.
  • Implanting the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart eliminates pacemaker relates surgeries, and the needs for medication for failing heart ventricles.
  • It also eliminates the need for a surgery for malfunctioning heart values, thereby making it an ideal choice for many heart patients who are waiting for a human donor heart.


The SynCardia Total Artificial Heart may play a vital role in saving hundreds of lives in a future where heart related disease will witness a steep rise. Also many new medical advancements like organ regeneration through stem cells and 3D printed hearts point toward a better future for heart patients both adults and children.

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