World class expertise in Interventional Cardiology

Fortis Heart Failure Centre offers state of the art diagnostic and nonsurgical interventional treatment to patients from India and abroad. We have highly experienced and expert cardiologists performing procedures like use of stents, angioplasty, intravascular ultrasound, embolic-protection devices and EECP.
Each year, we get a footfall of patients with various heart problems seek treatment from our

Interventional Cardiology department. Our cardiologists treat patients with various common cardiac ailments like angina or pain in the chest to life threatening conditions like myocardial infarction or heart attack.
Our speciality doctors and staff provide patient oriented care for best treatment outcomes and in hospital experience. Today Interventional Cardiology is an integral part of cardiovascular treatment and Fortis Heart Failure Centre pursues innovation in offering affordable treatment and quality life to all.

What is interventional cardiology?

Simply put, interventional cardiology means applying non surgical methods for treating heart problems. The interventional cardiology procedures involve use of catheters that are inserted though blood vessels for running tests or repairing damaged part of the heart or clog vessels.
The advantage of this treatment is less trauma to the body tissue resulting from surgery, speedy recovery and lower treatment costs.

Fortis Heart Failure Centre excels at providing quality interventional cardiology.

Diseases that can be treated with Interventional Cardiology Treatments –
All diseases that are related to the narrowing of arteries like coronary artery disease, as well as complications with the functioning of the valve like heart valve disease can be treated with interventional cardiology. It is also applied for treating peripheral vascular diseases.

Who is an Interventional cardiologist?

Interventional cardiologists treat narrowed arteries and weakened heart valves – often caused by coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, or peripheral vascular disease. Coronary artery disease like atherosclerosis, heart valve diseases like birth defects, aging, aortic valve stenosis and mitral valve regurgitation and peripheral vascular diseases that can cause heart attack.

Intervention Cardiologists at Fortis Heart Failure

Our team of interventional cardiologist in India are ranked amongst the best with specialized expertise in complex procedures like coronary artery disease, angioplasty to invasive valve repair and treatment.

Fortis Heart Failure Centre is a top ranked Interventional Cardiology Hospital in India
Our surgeon’s expertise allow them to conduct and undertake procedures that are challenging. We ensure that all our patients are looked after to the best of our ability. We rely on the best technical equipment, the latest procedures and the best minds in cardiac care to take care of your every need.
What we can offer you
•    Comprehensive cardiac treatment options and expertise in advanced treatments
•    Modern medical equipment and diagnostic facility providing early access to new treatment options
•    International patient dedicated support prior and post treatment.
•    Comprehensive support and care for you and your family,