Heart Failure Management

Our expert team medically manages heart failure in patients with the latest available medications to control the progression of the condition, keeping patients out of the hospital, and reducing mortality. Also, the cardiac rehabilitation team counsels the patients and their family members on diet and other lifestyle modifications to limit symptoms and to optimise the patient’s ability to participate in daily routines.

Diet & Lifestyle measures

Moderate physical activity – mild / symptoms Bed rest (if severe symptoms)

Weight reduction & weight monitoring

Restricted salt intake

Fluid restriction

Pharmacological (Drug) Management

Diureties – to improve Urine Output & get rid of fluid in lungs.

Angiotensin and B blockers can be combined. Angiotensin – modulating agents (ACE & Angiotensin receptor antagonist).

Decreases the amount of work heart performs.

Slows the deterioration of heat function.

B- blockers

Decreases work of heart

Slows the deterioration of heart function

Positive ionotropes: Improves heart function


Dobulamine – severe heart failure

Milrinone – severe Cardiomyopathy where the major heart chambers are grossly enlarged & heart function is poor

Levosimendan – Calcium sensitizer

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